deluxe 320

Deluxe Roll Trays

An extensive range of both new and refined designs. This range are quality crafted Roll Trays made from premium aspen wood. Each model has a paper dispenser, a magnetised Wolf designed Rolling-V (for resting papers) and comparments for tobacco and smoking accessories. Larger models have hidden compartments beneath the Rolling-V, kif screens and crystal catchers and space for lighters and grinders.

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Standard Roll Trays

Wooden boxes and open-top rolling trays made from North American basswood. The ‘Original Roll Tray’ designs at affordable prices. Each model in the Standard Range has a paper dispenser, the Wolf designed Rolling-V (for resting papers), lighter storage and compartments for tobacco and smoking accessories. Larger models also have a hidden compartment beneath the Rolling-V.

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Hemp Rolling Kits

Compact hemp and cotton travel range. Varying in sizes, all wallets are equipped with an innovative folding “M” rolling aid and place for papers. Larger models offer larger compartments and a place to store tobacco. Slimline, stylish and extremely useful.

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